Well I'm new again

Well it has been a long time since I have been on the Shire Society Forums, and let me say I like what I see. It id definitely more snazzy than it once was, though it does appear that all of my old posts have gone away, but due to the fact that they were several years old it is probably better.

Well, I do currently reside in Las Vegas NV, I have a Davi Barker original Shire Declaration #2. I am a Ordained Minister of the Shire Free Church and have the card to prove it :slight_smile: I am of the Quaker faith and preach Liberty and Love to all I come across and have had some long deep discussions with several people, and have even had some good results in making people shift their reality and see it for what it is.

I am an active Participant on Steem and like to review things, avid gamer and father of 4.

Also appears I have a relic now as I also have Cop Block badge #48

well its good to re-introduce myself

Peace, Love, and Liberty

Welcome back. Most posts from here back in the day are in the Shire Society subforums.

Due to the forum changes, all old accounts defaulted to user level 1, you need user level two to access the Shire Society subforums, which you now have.