Weekly NH exit meeting new URL

Join New Hampshire’s weekly independence / secession discussion, as of 10/2023 it’s on Mondays at 6pm eastern time. If that changes and I forget to update this thread, then the latest date/time/URL should appear at NHCalendar.org or Meet.NHexit.US.

But here’s the latest I have:

You can apparently call in from a phone, but I can’t find the number of the code, can someone post it?

Here you go.

Thanks… text version:
call 512 647 1431
type code 3685 3962 59

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I understand this meeting is now Mondays 7pm eastern time. Same number and code as I posted above?

again what is the phone number and code for calling into this meeting… meet.nhexit.us does not seem to have this info or am i missing something.

PIN: 3685 3962 59

According to the link.

http://podcast.nhexit.org/ is where recordings of this meeting are posted initially i think
other relevant links


also " PIN: 3685 3962 59
tel:+1.512.647.1431 "
isn’t working

Unfortunately, I don’t run the Jitsi room, so I can’t diagnose the problem.

http://NHCalendar.org and
http://Meet.NHexit.US seem to be the most reliable spots to get updates on how to attend these meetings.