Website hosting

Hey folks.

Looking to get started building a site for a local liberty clubhouse we are building. As a beginner in web development, I know little but I do know not to use godaddy.

Suggestions for hosting and/or an easy to use website builder?

Any liberty or privacy focused hosts are best, but willing to give on it. Just not looking to get shut down if they find out we aren’t on the left.

Any crypto related widget code happy to take too. We will be doing some fundraising.


We don’t have much hope, Just saying

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I looked a little into this one but haven’t found much yet.
IP Banned From Gab - YouTube

I mostly use AWS and They aren’t particularly liberty oriented, afaik, but self-hosting and setting your own policies (such as for this Discourse forum) is miles better than depending on another platform, even if you rent the host. I just try to avoid lock-in by keeping a copy of your data. It would be cool to have a co-located server with intrusion detection :heart_eyes:

I’ve seen a lot of smaller, liberty-oriented hosts though (like, during Bitcoin Black Friday).

AWS (Amazon) is definitely on top of my shit-list.

Ideally: see what controversial sites use for hosting, and support those hosts, like Epik / CloudChase / Sibyl.

(Hypocrite alert: I’m currently not going very far with this, and still using a Namecheap VPS. It’s a good value, and they take Bitcoin. And at least it’s no Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc…)

More importantly than your choice of host is thinking beyond just HTTP, like IPFS.

What region are you building the clubhouse in?

Thanks. Laconia in the Lakes Region.

It’s already been built.

Looks awesome. Will build another.

We don’t really do cigars but the rest sounds dope. We literally started it just as a place to put that extra 20% of effort in.