Wealth redistribution

how about instead of stealing it from the well to do, why dont we cut taxes to $0 year ?

we dont need to bomb people in other countries or protect opium fields. (frees up 500 billion+ each year)
we dont need to be paying on civil war debt (and every war in-between then and now), nor do we need to be an imperialist country.
note: the us has had military action in other countries every year since 1890, except a few (4 at most) years during the great depression. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wars_involving_the_United_States#19th-century_wars )

we dont need border walls, we need to let people in with nothing more than a simple background check at best, preferably no checks, at all at border crossing points. this is a solution to environmental impacts of people crossing where ever they can, criminals will simply go around any crossings , like now. no environ-mental groups is discussing this (nor have they ever).

drop the drug war, legalize all drugs. this will reduce costs associated with drug abuse incurred by health agencies and government, while reducing deaths due to overdose (known dose each time) and gang wars.
gangs will reduce in size/influence as selling currently illegal drugs is their main source of funding. additionally we dont need onerous regulations on drug sales, as that just leads to the same issues we have now with crime.
note: i do have 1st hand experience with drug od’s as my youngest son has died from a od, probably some currently illegal drug (awaiting the coroners report still).

if the govt does do wealth redistribution, inflation will rise substantially, as those that get money taken from them will simply leave, or raise pricing to compensate.

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