Watch "Actual 911 call - Elizabeth and Mel Grimes attack on John Kenney" on YouTube

Elizabeth Grimes managed to record, through her own 911 call, her and her husbands assault on John Kenney.

They really could change on a dime! She goes from pleading with the dispatcher “Please send someone…” 3:00 to in the very next moment assault John Kenney 3:03 - unbelievable actually with impulsive people like this.

3:02 she hits him the back of the head and scream aggressively then pushed away and make a subsequent very different sounding sound. Sledgehammer follows with the not so mellow Mel.


Your media posts have nothing to do with the Shire, so please do not post them in Shire Media, thank you.

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Didn’t know it had to relate to it. Where should i post it then? Only saw Media and thought it would be fitting.

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Well… That’s the thing Ian, I’m not used to this forum and how the interface is and as stated before, which Dave Ridley and probably many more agree on, it’s not that good and the old one is superior to this one.

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