War on drugs is racist

the war on drugs is patently racist, as top nixon advisor reveals:

The word “racist” has no meaning. It means whatever anyone wants it to mean.

The weather today is racist. It will be even more racist tomorrow, with a chance of sexism, pedophobia, anthropocentrism, libricide, and the avant-garde.

So does racist have no meaning, or does it mean whatever anyone wants it to mean?


The article is pretty clear there was a political reason.

  • A top Nixon aide told an author that the policy was specifically designed to target opposition to Nixon: Blacks and Hippies.
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So does racist have no meaning, or does it mean whatever anyone wants it to mean?

Both, obviously.     A word that has no fixed meaning is meaningless!

Some people believe that “capitalism is racist” because different ethnic groups have different outcomes.     Same for the “war on drugs”.     “IQ tests are racist!”     “Science is racist!”     “Math is racist!”     Etc.

Judging people as individuals is “racist”, because many things are influenced by genetics (and, to lesser extent, culture), and so members of some ethnic groups will fit your definition of virtue more frequently than others.     Loving your family is “racist”, because they are of the same race as you (at least your parents and half of each of your biological children) - which means less love for other races.     I am the ultimate individualist, and therefore the ultimate “racist”.     I even believe in human cloning, which means my future children would share the entirety of my DNA - that is as “racist” as one can possibly get!

This growing list of unwords includes “liberal”, “conservative”, “sexist”, etc.     The word “libertarian” is also at risk, which is why I try to call myself a “secessionist” and a “N.A.P. enforcer” instead.

Hopefully we all agree that the “war on drugs” violates N.A.P., and that people should be free to secede and create their own voluntary societies, which may or may not have contractual policies for or against drugs, racial discrimination, “affirmative action”, etc.