VPN users not welcome at GetCell411.com

I have independently verified reports that the web server for https://getcell411.com is still blocking access through some [not all] commercial VPN proxies… (which is not a good thing since one-third of internet users subscribe to such a service.) This is not a support request – it is an anchor post so others can find and report the same issue.

Incidentally, this host is behaving exactly like many of the hosts behind China’s great firewall: sometimes it works, but only on first contact, and then future access is blocked automatically for at least 24 hours, and yet it works through Tor (which is simultaneously baffling & absurd.)

Thanks for the report. It’s currently on a server at Dreamhost. I have been trying to get the former owner to give me the keys so we can move it to my server where this should not be a problem.