Vote for Amendment March 10th

Vote on Const. Amendment is March 10th

GoodGood does anyone have a sense what should be done in terms of a demonstration right before the house session, if so then what time it should be, and how canvassing the reps would work…as they walk in? what is likely to happen when? what are the chances this could happen days earlier or later? Checking gencourt site meanwhile to try and answer some of my own questions

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"The house will meet on the 10th but the session will probably extend to 15th 16th 17th and maybe even the 31st.

Since the bill is near the end of the regular calander I expect it will be voted on the last day. But it’s impossible to determine. It can be special ordered at anytime" - Rep. Santonastaso

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Mike Sylvia says the list is short so it should get voted in the 10th

updates from matrix group

Got this from a media person:

"Hey Dave,

Do you know if they’re allowing any means of recording video or taking photos of the event at the Statehouse?

If so, could you get something to me and I’ll have something up on the Heartland Newsfeed website Thursday night or Friday morning regarding the action of the day.

Any other information that can be offered in relation to the legislation would also be appreciated, including a link to the proposed legislation (if possible). "

Anyone have better answers for him than the one I sent below? I’ve invited him to this thread to view your answers.

NHLA Bill Review: CACR32 (2022) Detail for now

" i don’t know how their vid/aud feed works but is probably a good start.
i will post your question , but not your contact info, to the previoiusly mentioned thread at Vote for Amendment March 10th in case anyone can answer it better there… check back maybe "

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cacr 32 loses

good 35 minute video
some more links