Visiting to network b4 migrating

Hey everyone. I’m another Gabe. I’m a libertarian with a focus on agorism, product invention, home birthing, homeschooling, and some non-institutional Biblical expertise.

I learned about the Shire Society a few years ago while searching for churches that believe in being theft-free…one was a Hooker’s church, hah.

Anyway, they’re getting dangerously close to banning homeschooling here in MN and if I were to let the governmyth indoctrinate my children I might as well not have had them.

We’re coming to help build a better future for ourselves and next generations.
Free is the only way to live. Gal. 5:1

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Welcome from this future mover from NC.
Agreed: Free is the only way to live.
Thank you for keeping your kids out of public schools.


when u comin up?

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Hi, @TorahTarian! Great to hear of your pending visit. Any particular towns/areas you are setting your sights on?

One resource that may help – which may already be on your radar – is the FSP Calendar, which lists things like on-going regional meetups and one-off events.

Also, in addition to connecting with folks who are active on this forum, you may want to reach-out to the point-people for each of the regions you’re considering, as they can likely help make your visit more qualitative.

And lastly, if you’re worried that your MN-centric jokes or stories won’t find traction here, note that I lived in MN, and know of others – including a gent in Manchester and a couple in the Seacoast area – who voted with their feet to replace MN nanny statism with NH liberty and responsibility.


Well, since my first post I’ve been super busy with the annual celebrations and packing and prepping to visit.
So, I’m sorry for getting back to you so late.

We’ve just arrived last night!
We’re in Derry right now popup glamping outside the Michelotti residence!
We’re pumped to be here and want to jump on every connection opportunity we can!

I’m up for anything that’s less likely to get me arrested as I have 6 littles and my wifey to look after.

I’d love to meet as many activists like you as I can and somehow find potential housing too. Jobs are practically unavoidable right now. Haha

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I plan to visit a Taproom Tuesday tomorrow.
Are the Keene nightcaps still going?

I’d love to treat anyone from FTL to lunch or dinner if they’d be up for it since their show helped sinch NH as my liberty destination above TX or FL (Bitcoin Ghandi/Dave Riddley included).
Ideally a crypto-accepting restaurant because that’d be my first real crypto purchase.
(Any days besides Saturdays.)

I’m in the FSP housing FB group and it’s pretty sparse. Maybe housing options will expand a bit as I meet some more folks.

Any chance of a bonfire or disk golf meet up?
I must get connected with the crypto meetups too.

Thanks for any suggestions.

I think I recognize the Captain there. We’re ultimately aiming to dwell a bit North of Keene.
Glad I won’t be too isolated regarding making fun of the lutefisk tundra!

Yes, Keene nightcaps are still a thing. There’s one slated for this Friday night, as you can see on the calendar. The regional crypto meetups are listed there as well – the Manch one happens every Sunday at 5:30p.

Per capita it seems that Keene and the Seacoast area have the most crypto-accepting venues. And of course, pretty much anywhere you look, you’ll find that there are users / independent entrepreneurs who happily utilize crypto. Here in Manch our rent and utilities are payable in crypto via Ledgeview and I just joined the Free State Barbell Club, which also accepts crypto.

I can’t really speak to to disc golf scene other than to say that a couple of friends here in Manch told me they recently were involved in a competition. I don’t believe they’re on this forum but if we’re all at Taproom later today I’ll be sure to put y’all in touch.

As you get to know more folks on the ground I suspect you’ll soon find yourself at a bonfire. They’re probably more common than seeing a moose.

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It was good to meet and talk with you last evening.
Are you on Telegram? The Quillage group might be of interest to you.
(I wasn’t able to find the direct link - anyone else here have it handy?)


Indeed it was a pleasure to meet you too, and all the other free staters there. I estimate 30 - 50 were out!
Made a few connections which could lead to a place. But I need to check out foreclosure auctions.
My host made some good connections regarding crypto and other tech endeavors. He’d never gone to this event in his near decade in NH. Maybe he’ll come out more now. :slight_smile:

I would be interested to hear what you find out about foreclosure auctions. I am Shayna M on Telegram. 828-436-1242

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Last February when I was there on my “recon mission” there is a lot of property up north and its cheap. It’s cheap because there is little to no economic activity up there. The problem with cheap property is that it needs rehab and the market isn’t able to make it economical to play the “fix and flip” game. However, the market might be changing soon, I’ll find out later next May when we move to NH.

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Cyberdoo, some are very creative and resourceful and can make seemingly-unlivable space manageable. Economic activity is desirable, but if a remote income is available then remote locations are too.

Perhaps I was misunderstood. I merely was reporting what I saw while up in Berlin. I was not trying to say that there is no economic activity, just saying that for the average individual there wasn’t much.

We aren’t average people. Average people don’t move from where they are to another place because there is more freedom there.

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