Video editing / YouTube video creation


Anyone interested in talking video creation? Maybe Thursday or Friday?



I would like to just make the point that “YouTube” should not be synonymous with online video in general. It is one proprietary video hosting platform that is turning into a near monopoly, and is very dangerous for everyone’s Internet freedom. YouTube is owned by Google, which is very much in bed with the US Federal government, and the even more evil governments all over the world. It has been increasingly discriminatory in its (corporate) censorship against right-wing non-communist speech.

I don’t expect everyone to boycott YouTube / Facebook / Google / Apple / Microsoft / Twitter / GitHub / etc, as I have, but I very strongly caution you: do not rely on them as your default or sole means of organizing your digital life. I once thought FTL could be the dependable libertarian alternative to those government-loving big-dot-coms, but we all know how that turned out… So: trust no one!

Your primary means of hosting video should ideally be your own Web-servers, backed by P2P file sharing networks like IPFS or BitTorrent.

Perhaps the easiest ways to get started are BitChute (which uses in-browser BitTorrent fallback) and Dtube (based on Steem blockchain and the IPFS). Always have your content in multiple places online, and keep good local backups as well.

There’s software that makes it easy to organize videos on your own Web-site (ex. PeerTube, Kune, etc) - but, as I license freedom zealot, I personally can’t recommend any of them at present…



I agree but I used the term as in I need a “Band Aid” or Klennex just the most common name for a generic service.

Thanks for taking the time to provide that information.