Vegan meat

some youtubers made sarahs dream burger, the impossible burger (or rather a close impersonation of one). they used coconut oil as the fat in it.

“Vegan meat” is an oxymoron. Veganism is a religion, not a diet that is ideal for anyone’s health. (I am an ex-vegan.)

People should eat more fish. It more closely resembles where human beings evolved to get their protein and fat. Farmed land animals have too little omega-3 fats and too many added hormones and preservatives.

Ocean farming (i.e. seasteading) is the future. Problems like mercury are vastly overblown and can be solved through fish-farm water filtration technology.

Replace your plant-slime voodoo-burger with a nice big local agorist greenhouse salad, some unprocessed low-glycemic grains like buckwheat, and sashimi - that’s as healthy as human food can get.

The impossible burger isn’t for vegans, it’s for meat eaters who wish they were vegan.

I’ve been vegan for 25 years, and have no interest in it.

You should just eat bugs. Probably the most economical and healthy. You just need to get over eating bugs.

I have standards, so I can’t do that.

Y u no eat fish?

I didn’t like fish or seafood even when I ate meat. I also don’t like to eat seaweed. Something about that ocean smell.

But yeah, probably really healthy.