Utahs mask order

i live in utah and the local hospital has 40 cases of covid-19 currently. This doesnt seem to be “overwhelming”. i also ran the govt’s numbers (taken from https://coronavirus.utah.gov/case-counts/) and came up with a 0.49% (yes 0 point four nine) death rate, as of 7:40 am MST , Nov 10th, 2020.

i suspect some federal official somewhere said something like “if you declare a mask order we will provide more federal funding for ____” .

just as a side note, running the official federal numbers (taken from https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#cases_casesper100klast7days) results in a 2.3910398% death rate…

There is no scientific evidence a virus exists.

Great. SMH. Now we are down to only 5 states that don’t have a mask mandate and never had a stay at home order. ND just issued a mask mandate as well.

Alaska has a mark order. The governor is asking people to wear then but his order is telling they will have to. The Municipality of Anchorage has a mandatory mask order, and they are now using police to ticket people in violation.

Welcome to Amerika.

The governor did NOT say you have to wear a mask. He asked and urged people to do so. The governor is just making suggestions. Its the public who are interpreting what he is saying and enforcing it as law or something like it. 95% of Alaskans are clueless and Its the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen.

Generalizations about any group of individuals speaks volumes about the speaker.

What if I’m not generalizing? Assumptions without first doing research speaks volumes about the assumer.