US Senate Bill S.1241 to Criminalize Concealed Ownership of Bitcoin - BTC Manager via BTCnews on iOS

This appears pretty bad, further research pending of course, but no bueno all the same…

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Just stuff it in your mattress.

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hahaha thats where I keep all my gold too.

the bill is here .
the most relevant section is section 13, which amends Section 5312(a) of title 31, United States Code. ; specifically sections 2k and 3b

this appears to provide a way to track all purchases of digital currency (and prepaid access devices…) in any form that they think could be used as a currency. therefore it allows regulation and taxation of said currency.

it also appears to force anyone entering the US to declare value on digital currencies and prepaid access devices (burner phones as an example) as well.

Of course, that last bit is no big deal I’ve long considered it of primary importance not to have any connections to crypto on my person when crossing borders. I figured it was an invitation for them to hassle me, at a minimum, if not fully attempt to use civil confiscation techniques.

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