Two Mesh Networks, Help

Festival goers!

There will be two mesh networks deployed this year at ForcFest / AltExpo / PorcFest

  1. 900mhz goTenna Mesh network will be very robust, expecting a few dozen nodes. This device allows txt messaging and location sharing over a long distance mesh network. Depending on where everyone is at any moment, there is a good chance you could communicate to Cabot and a decent chance you could get a signal into town (depends where the other nodes are). A crypto wallet has announced it will support transactions over this mesh in the future. I’m leading a workshop on the device, and have support from the goTenna company, tickets here:

  2. team will be demoing a 2.4ghz and 5ghz WiFi network called porcupine.mesh. This network will have ~10 nodes and might cover most of the lower campground. There will be a landing page with links to services. I will be providing a streaming music and movies service and possibly a chat service. This network is semi-open at the moment, so if you have an OpenWRT compatible router you could in theory mesh with us. Also, if anyone wants to bring a server to provide… whatever, and hook it into the network, that would be awesome. One service I’d like to see is a local ethpad or similar for collaborative note taking at the talks and workshops. Another is a server running multiple crypto nodes that also faces the internet. We can then publish that node as crypto.mesh and anyone could point their wallet to that node. is not providing the service of connection to other networks (meaning no internet browsing… unless you make that happen :slight_smile: ).

The current plan. Join us, is your router on the list of supported hardware?[0]=LEDE%20supported%20current%20rel_%3D17.01.4

I expect this project to pivot after the festivals. I’d like to see it become a for-benefit DAO running exit nodes and gateway nodes for a community network, and helping the community get intermediate nodes and their devices on the system. This is becoming possible on the Althea network.

I’m going to schedule something for after porcfest that is going to be less hacker and more business and community based discussion. Probably end of July. I stumbled into mesh networking and got a read on the market, the time to be involved in this scene is now.