Two Bank Robbers

This is an entirely fictitious scenario, just something I’m curious about.

Two men are accused of robbing the bank and they’re both being charged with some serious offenses. Of the two, one man decides to take the plea deal as, to him, it isn’t worth fighting in court and being put away for potentially decades in prison. The other man decides to fight it because, in all actuality, the two men never robbed the bank at all!

Sometime much later, the man who decided to defend himself and take it to court is found Innocent. At this point, could the man who took the plea deal contest the decision and get exonerated of his charges? He admitted to being a bank robber, but the other man’s innocent verdict proves that he couldn’t have been a bank robber.

Again, this is a completely made up story.

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Those scenarios happen all the time

It isn’t clear from the example, are A and B accused of jointly robbing the bank together? Was there a C that was subsequently found guilty of that robbery? If that is what you meant then yes.

The system serves the consenting, few opt out successfully as the person in your hypo.