Turner Diaries

Any Turner Diaries readers on here ?


…Some things that actually hurt the evil system are being subtly erased. Hard to find “image” search of book cover now.
A good read IMO. Offers insight into the evil operations of the system and ways to counter it, although slightly outdated, rock-solid countering of oppression.

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From book:

                It is 1991, or 8 BNE (Before the New Era). American society is in upheaval. Crime

rates skyrocket as roving gangs of blacks and other nonwhites rape and pillage
nearly at will. Inflation soars and the standard of living drops dramatically.
Gasoline is rationed. Two years before, the Cohen Act outlawed private ownership
of firearms in the United States; to enforce the ban, Jewish-run human rights
groups employed gangs of black men to invade the homes of whites, confiscate
2 / 6
their firearms and brutally arrest and imprison the guilty parties – 800,000 people
are arrested – in what are known as the Gun Raids. After being arrested and
subsequently fired from his job in a laboratory, the 35-year-old Turner devotes all
of his time to the work of his four-person “unit,” which operates in coordination
with, but independently of, other cells in the Organization (the cells are directed at
a distance by an unseen Revolutionary Command). The diaries begin with the
Organization’s decision to move beyond its campaign of recruitment and planning
to action. The target is clear:

         Chapter 1September 16, 1991. Today it finally began! After all these years of talking-and nothing but talking-we have finally taken our first action. We are at war with the System, and it is no longer a war of words.I cannot sleep, so I will try writing down some of the thoughts which are flying through my head.It is not safe to talk here. The walls are quite thin, and the neighbors might wonder at a late-night conference. Besides, George and Katherine are already asleep. Only Henry and I are still awake, and he's just staring at the ceiling.I am really uptight. l am so jittery I can barely sit still. And I'm exhausted. I've been up since 5:30 this morning, when George phoned to warn that the arrests had begun, and it's after midnight now. I've been keyed up and on the move all day.But at the same time I'm exhilarated. We have finally acted! How long we will be able to continue defying the System, no one knows. Maybe it will all end tomorrow, but we must not think about that. Now that we have begun, we must continue with the plan we have been developing so carefully ever since the Gun Raids two years ago.

Here’s a great piece from the book. Very relevant to reality, now:

          I am sure now that we were overoptimistic in our judgment of the mood of the public. What we mistook as general resentment against the System's abrogation of civil rights during the Gun Raids was more a passing wave of uneasiness resulting from all the commotion involved in the mass arrests. As soon as the public had been reassured by the media that they were in no danger, that the government was cracking down only on the "racists, fascists, and other anti-social elements" who had kept illegal weapons, most relaxed again and went back to their TV and funny papers. As we began to realize this, we were more discouraged than ever. We had based all our plans-in fact, the whole rationale of the Organization-on the assumption that Americans were inherently opposed to tyranny, and that when the System became oppressive enough they could be led to overthrow it. We had badly underestimated the degree to which materialism had corrupted our fellow citizens, as well as the extent to which their feelings could be manipulated by the mass media. As long as the government is able to keep the economy somehow gasping and wheezing along, the people can be conditioned to.

accept any outrage.

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“new era” = Agenda 21?

“new era” refers to the time AFTER the revolution was won, or ANE (after new era) . BNE= before new era

But who is the “winner” of the revolution?
The elites? or the people?

I just wonder if it was written as a “playbook” for a certain time in our history. You keep saying it correlates to today. And now its called “racist/white supremacy” just to hide how they did it at that time.

I see the bible as the ultimate “playbook”. I haven’t read that either. but I see those “acts” being played out.

The Bible is Truth.
Evil will be cast into darkness soon.
Revelations was closed up to John as far as “when” the Lord cometh. I pray that His coming is soon.
From what I have studied, I believe the Wrath of God will be preceded by a worldwide power outage- via an amazingly strong solar flare. That itself is part of His wrath, but I think it will get even worse for the evil ones. (Think of how many would WELCOME grid-down ! )
Read and study the Bible. It is amazing and Truth.
Turner Diaries may play out before hand, although an event that large is not prophesied by the Bible itself. With that said the “synagogue of satan” as described in the Bible may pertain the power-hungry jews in this world. (also described to a T in Turner Diaries)

What are your thoughts on this event in history?

I’ve heard many people say this is where things went wrong for us (humans)

There is a lot to be said about evil in the catholic church. The catholic church puts men (in funny costumes) between the people and God. This violates the 1st Commandment: “Ye shall have no other gods before me”. Catholicism is also pompous and glorifies materialism and bullshit like that. Their ties to the state become closer every day. Look at their churches with gold, and marble, and statues, and pipe organs, etc…Kind of like the halls of “government” isn’t it ? It all goes against the simple goodness that God promotes.
As far as where humans went wrong, it was when Adam & Eve ate of the forbidden fruit. They partook in the 1st lie which was told by Satan the serpent: “ye shall be as gods”. This is what continues to happen to this day, and has ruined what would have been paradise. This is why science and technology are the root of evil. They are continuing in the 1st lie and attempting to counter all the goodness of God. In the end, evil loses.
Pray that their evil ways are ended soon.

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