Trade Technology for Freedom?

I was too young to grasp ISAIF when it was 1st printed. I think the SNL skit was more famous. (Industrial Society and its Future by Ted Kaczynski) I just read it recently in his book “Technological Slavery” ( Thanks Jay). Agree with almost all of it.
Google search “AI Technology News” and look where we’re at.

Here’s a brief paragraph from Ted’s book to go along with your search: " I suggest that as time goes by, the system’s tools for forestalling or
suppressing revolution get stronger. Suppose that revolution is delayed until
after computers have surpassed humans in intelligence. Presumably the
most intelligent computers will be in the hands of large organizations such
as corporations and governments. At that point revolution may become
impossible because the government’s computers will be able to outsmart
revolutionaries at every step."
I highly recommend this book to all.
Sincerely, Samm