Tom Alciere

Where is Tom?

Who cares? He’s a homophobe. He wouldn’t likely find himself welcome in our community.

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Haha :joy: seriously?

He has stopped calling in?

I thought he was an honorary member of Free Keene, FTL and Free State Project etc? :partying_face:

Can’t we make a collection of all his calls? I thoroughly enjoyed them… Especially the ones ending with “LIBERTARIANS are morally and intellectually superior.” :upside_down_face: I somehow agree with him!

No, he still calls FTL.

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Feel free to make collections of anything you like - sell them, keep them, share them. It’s up to you.

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Awesome. Can you put together his calls or make a collection of the show’s he has called in to? I can do it, but you need to redirect me to the right shows. Haven’t listened regularly for a couple years. How can I keep track of his calls?

I’m waiting to see him here. He should be able to have a “FTL_Tom” alias here on this brand new forum.

So he’s homophobe? Remember asking Mark if he knew him… He said he knew him sort of. Asked him how well he knew him and “I’m not asking if you’ve had sex with the man.” :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

How many times have you met him Ian? Tom Alciere of Hudson, New Hampshire…

I’ve run into him at the state house on occasion. It’s up to you to find the calls - it’s your thing.

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That’s the tricky thing… I’d have to listen years of your radio show to get to the sweet parts… :partying_face::joy:

I can sell your recorded calls also? :upside_down_face:

Is he originally from New Hampshire or someone who has moved there?

You’ll have to ask him.

I don’t care what you sell. Have fun.


I will sell Tom Alciere to another country, Germany maybe where I am now - as you don’t appear to appreciate him. They need a principled libertarian here.

Update; He could teach alot of people English here also.

The rhetoric is great “Don’t vote because you’re waaay too stupid.” and “Libertarians are morally and intellectually superior.”

He should start his own show, like FTL, The Tom Alciere show.

sometimes I feel sorry for Ian

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Haha… Tell me more…?

right now

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Oh… you’re talking about his current situation with a pending indictment? I just heard about it. Hope it goes well for him and he is acquitted.

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no I mean that he has to deal with people like you

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I think you are going to have to produce copies of at least 100 posts you made on the ftlbbs where you showed a sense of humor, before I can respond to you further.
My attorney will be in touch.

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I don’t really understand. I had an account with the on the old bbs. I was never an avid poster.

I think I’m quite humorous… this one was a little funny Huh? Shrine of male listners

What you mean by your attorney?:expressionless:really confused.