TLE NHexit articles

I’m about to send this background info to The Libertarian Enterprise, which wants to run or re-run some of Free Keene’s NHexit articles. Any suggested changes?

"NHexit Background: On January 20 of 2022, New Hampshire’s state-federal relations committee heard a remarkable and possibly unprecedented piece of legislation. CACR 32 was a proposed amendment to the state’s constitution which would, if passed, place a ballot measure before all NH voters, providing that “New Hampshire peaceably declares independence from the United States and immediately proceeds as a sovereign nation.”

Over 70 supporters rallied and packed the 3-hour hearing; testimony ran over 5 to 1 in favor of leaving the Union and its torture chambers. Ultimately CACR 32 achieved a full vote of the House, but only 13 legislators voted to keep it alive.

New Hampshire politics continues to experience the aftershocks of this strike against the root (some would say the “rot”) in Washington. An anonymous donor came forward to underwrite a scientific SurveyUSA poll on the issue. The poll showed 42% support among New Hampshirites for a referendum on NH independence. In August, a pro-DC activist tried unsuccessfully to have all 13 “independence reps” removed from the ballot. Meanwhile, NHexiters expect to have more independence legislation for the coming sessions, under the slogan “Independence without Enmity.”

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Looks good, thank you.