Tips for Video Recording Police Encounters?

Over the years, before I decided to get a smart phone (I sit at my computer all day long, so I waited for the plans to get cheaper and the phones to get better), I’ve heard a lot of discussion about recording police encounters.

What I’m most interested in are tools for recording live to the internet, in case arrested and/or the phone is confiscated, for starters. Any other obvious tips would help. I think may be Bambuser was the name of one service? What all can be recommended? Cell 411, of course…

Android or iOS?

Lots of phone automatically save photos and videos to the cloud. iPhones have iCloud.

There are also service provider specific backup plans, like Verizon cloud.

Android. To save the video as it’s being recorded? Ian specifically mentioned a couple a few years back.

Ian usually talks about live streaming. The issue with live streaming is usually video quality because of limited bandwidth.

Cell 411 has the option of live streaming to Facebook or YouTube.

YouTube and Facebook are where the viewers are for live streaming.

You mentioned Bambuser. I haven’t used it in years, but it worked well. I only used the free version.

Thanks. One out of two ain’t bad, I guess.

Yeah, I don’t do Facebook, so I haven’t tried any video stuff to do with that company.

I just stream live to the NH CopBlock facebook page.

Whatever you do hold the phone horizontally while you’re filming, the footage will look 16x better.


There should be a newbie option for recording video like that. It should insult the operator on-screen while recording unless they go to the settings and turn that off, or better yet, go horizontal.

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Bambuser is a pretty good streaming app

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