Thoughts on and their calendar? has a calendar of events up… not familiar with the group or the calendar…but I know I like to watch political event calendars.

I met the woman who spearheads that group when at the World Wide Demonstration held in Nashua (and dozens of other cities) on Sept. 18th. She came across to me as energetic (actively informing attendees about the project/site and soliciting involvement/events).

Can’t really offer any input other than that.

I know her. Yes, she is passionate and energetic. I like her. I have seen her at lots of the same places I have been. She has been eager for input and receptive to spoken suggestions from me.

Unfortunately, her calendar is not kept up to date and some of the events on it remain inaccurate or incomplete even after I have written to her requesting corrections, so I have had to stop referring people to it.