This is how I see BTC today. Your thoughts?

Unless BTC gets robustly and meaningfully transferred, other than sales from miners, it looks like a new kind of pyramid scheme.

Inn really rooting for Dash. Bch I’m hopeful, but they are behind in terms of innovation compared to dash.

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Dash is kicking ass lately! I got out of bitcoin and into Bitcoin Cash and dash :slight_smile:


Yeah, Dash and Bitcoin Cash are my favs right now. I don’t know enough about the privacy coins to get behind one, but I’d like to do that, too.

Can’t believe how much Dash has suddenly exploded. I have some reservations with Dash, myself, so I don’t want to get too heavily invested. I only have ten, which were cheap when I traded for Bitcoin, and I think I’m still “behind” on that, given when I made the trade. I’m not sure about their governance model. They can get more done having formal governance, but I’m waiting for it to get seriously political.

Bitcoin Cash, on the other hand, has several development groups, and they get together to try to work out an amenable roadmap. So far, that’s worked well. Their biggest issue seems to be sharing the miners with Bitcoin Core. It still seems to be causing the diversity of miners to be spread a little thin, which, if it persists, could be an issue.

As for Bitcoin Core, they did have their bloodbath yesterday, but it looks like everyone did, except Dash. The best part of all this is that maybe we’ll find out what features a cryptocurrency needs to be truly anti-fragile. I really don’t believe Blockstream’s roadmap is best for that, and I believe they’re up to no good anyway. I think it’s pretty straightforward that they’re behind the small blocks as a way to cause a “need” for all the patented crap they want to use for world domination/bankster parasite enabling. Yeah, maybe I’m full on paranoid.

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Yeah I agree completely with their governance style… it really concerns me to see Democracy in business lol One good I think comes from it is the ability to hear out different ideas. I don’t think in other models you would be rewarded for having the ambition to conjure new ideas.

BCH’s road map I don’t like as much as Dash. Dash acutally has target dates. BCH is just stating they will do some things. It honestly reminds me of JAXX wallet. SO much promise, yet the transparency is so bad with them. Dash just treats itself as business as usual.

Nah dude… Crypto currency is dangerous… technology has always been dangerous for those in control. Like they say freedom is popular. I’m really hopeful to see liberty in our life time. I was just having a discussion with my sister in law about this. Bullying and praying on others isn’t as popular as it once was. There are a lot of those out there who are compassionate.

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