Thinking of moving near Keene

Hello everyone! My boyfriend, Forrest, and I have been trying to decide on a place to live together. We think location is a really big deal in terms of where we want to settle down and place roots, so we have been trying to figure out where we want to live for about 2 years now. Still we had only narrowed it down to the North East in order to be within a days driving distance to either of our families.

Then recently I started listening to and the advertisements on the station about moving to Keene almost felt like a sign from the universe. So now I am seriously considering Keene and I am hoping I can get my bf on board as well. So far he seems open to the idea.

As of right now, we are just trying to save up just enough money so we can buy a few acres of land, then work our way up to building a small house. Overall we are hoping to live a simple, self-sustained way of life within a community of like-minded individuals.

But first before anything, we need to come visit. So if anyone has any suggestions about when and where to stay, let me know!
Thanks for reading.


Welcome. Lots of people visit NH in the fall to see the leaves change, so hotel prices are expensive. Presumably airbnb as well. Prices drop after the leaves.

Let us know when you have plans.

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Thanks! We were planning to come in early November and stay in an Airbnb but I’m hoping that’s not too late. I’m concerned about a potential lockdown causing another wave of land values increasing. I’d really like to buy something before Christmas, but my bf doesn’t feel the same urgency that I do. Maybe my concerns are off base. Idk.

I don’t know, but definitely check out Keene. I moved 5 years ago. Great place to live. Lots of activism here. Lots of good people. Small town feel. 23k people. If not Keene itself check out some surrounding towns / villages. I’m sure you can find something nearby. Keene is basically the heart of the region. It’s not crowded or depressed like some areas of New Hampshire. The people here are well off overall, but there are definitely some cities or parts thereof I’d avoid. Not a fan of Manchester for instance. Nashua is probably better, but I’d probably choose to go outside of Manchester over Nashua just cause it’s too close to MA and well frankly few liberty-minded folks live there by comparison. Though Keene isn’t where the majority of us live. We’re actually pretty spread out with concentrations along the seacoast, Keene, Manchester, and then mostly southern New Hampshire. There are a few people up north, but the population up north is VERY small so not many people there period.

that is a heartwarming post welcome becca and bf!