Things to Newbies to do while visiting the Shire

Planning visit soon. Any suggestions for itinerary would be greatly appreciated. Very interested in politics and cryptos.


We have many lakes, many ski resorts, lots of beautiful little shops (supposing they are still open) one of my favorite places to eat is a mom and pops place called “The Soda Shoppe” in Laconia. They make wonderful breakfast, and you would be supporting a local business. If you are into witchy stuff, “Wild Women’s Studio” is also an incredible little local shop to get many needed resources for magick. Also in downtown laconia. If you are into parafinalia and smoking, Headlines in Tilton is the place for you. We have a slice of the ocean at Hampton Beach, there’s America’s Stonhenge, Opeche Gourge, Mount Washington- highest peak in New Hampshire, Bearbrook State Park, White Mountain National Forest, Ruggles mine, Shaker Village, Strawberry Bank, The Polar Caves, Franconia Notch, Franklin Dam, Gunstock Mountain, if you want to go just over the border of Maine, there’s York’s Wild Kingdom (zoo). There are also a whole bunch of memorials and statues that i cant remember, but im syre there is a travel booklet at one of our travel stops. The capital building is in Concord and it has memorials there, I know that much

I’m not sure if loco4liberty meant that sort of thing… but either way we’ve got events going on all over the state. I’d suggest checking out the FSP’s calendar as it includes stuff going on from all over. I’ve noticed that it often has stuff added more last minute so I’d check back as the day of arrival gets closer for whats going on.

In Keene we have something called Social Sunday every Sunday at 5:30PM. It’s normally at Pho Keene Great. A great little bar/restaurant that is super freedom friendly and even takes crypto. It’s located at address: 11 Central Square, Keene, NH 03431.

You are more than welcome to attend or if you can’t do a Sunday and you’d like to meet people in our area (Keene, NH and Cheshire County area more generally) feel free to reach out and we can arrange a “meet and greet” pretty much any day and time that is convenient, though afternoons and later in the day work best. Usually a bunch of people will come out and say hi to those visiting and checking out the area. Usually we’ll go hang out at one of the many freedom friendly bars/restaurants in the area that take crypto. Thirsty Owl, Indian Curry, Pho Keene Great or similar. Email either chris at thinkpenguin com or ian at freetalklive com and one of us should be more than able to get some people together to greet you while your in the area. There are also people in other areas we should be able to put you in contact with too. Just ask.

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Thanks for the tips. I’ll post more as the trip nears. I’m thinking of staying in Keene for a few days and then checking some areas.

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Trying to make the Pho Keene on 1-22. Let me know if this is the wrong night.

1/22 at 5:00PM is correct for the crypto meetup at Pho Keene Great in Keene, NH. The Social Sunday meetup happens at 5:30PM every Sunday. Same location.