THICKREDLINE -- Abolish Victimless "Crimes"

Perhaps the biggest point of overlap between users of this forum is that the initiation of aggression is wrong. Indeed, I’d put-forth that most people not on this forum would agree with that axiom.

It’s understandably then, that those who purport to protect and serve yet who target individuals engaged in non-victim causing activities have drawn critiques. Yet the surrounding conversation remains diametrically opposed – some clamoring to “Defund the police!” while others adamantly “Back the blue!”

So what’s to be done? Certainly it’s just the power elite who profit from this ongoing division. So how do we move forward constructively, together? How to we realize a better, more just reality?

THICKREDLINE is an endeavor that supports a transition from the enforcement of political law to the enforcement of natural law. If you’re not already familiar with the project, I implore you to become familiar:

In the past I was involved with Cop Block. While much of those efforts focused on empowering non-police actors through information, tools, and tactics, some bandwidth was devoted to police actors through the “Welcome LEOs” page. More recently, a friend and I sought to engage police employees, supporters, and critics in a non-confrontational way via the now-defunct Beyond The Badge. I see THICKREDLINE as a solution-oriented continuation of these efforts to mitigate harms and increase neighborliness.

Howard Lichtman, co-founder of THICKREDLINE, has attended PorcFest and is known to many here. I met him earlier this year in Manchester, NH and plan to collaborate with him on some efforts. Specifically, to reach out to NH-based sheriff and police.

If you’re in the Free State of NH and may have interest to assist, please leave a comment, direct message me, or email me at LiveFreeInHarmony[at]protonmail[dot]com. It’s always nice to have some like-minded peers to brainstorm with and strategize with, and I think it best, for example, for someone who lives in Coös County to engage with the sheriff there rather than myself, who currently resides in Hillsborough County.

In liberty.

i’ve been handing out his mini flier to cops and leaving his booklet in public places

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Nice, thanks Dave! Have you been surprised by any of the feedback you’ve received? Any common question(s) or concern(s)?

Last night at New Movers Potluck I broached this topic (THICKREDLINE in the Free State of New Hampshire) and it seemed to be well-received, with a handful of folks talking with me afterwards.

no particular response to the lit itself… it actually does not post well on bulliten boards since tehre’s no large font and hafl of it is always upside down. but you know the saying… back the play of your people even if it’s not very effective. This isn’t something I"m very good naturally but when I can easily do it I guess I should do it.

Apt feedback. Thank you sir.

I gave our police chief a book. I haven’t heard feedback from him, and suggested at our Grafton Liberty Potluck that we could vote for a police chief based on these standards. The selectboard then proposed a warrant article to make it an appointed position. I don’t know that that is a problem, since we could vote them out demanding the NAP be enforced the same way we could vote a police chief out.

I made these for people to show their support: