"There's a place for us..."

Just watched this again… reminded me of libertarians and anarchists… the Left and the Right, always wanting to fight it out. But some of us are neither, or want some of each.

Ultimately “government” is a flawed idea, without any redeeming value. It violates the “libertarian” idea of “non-aggression”. When you aggress against your neighbors, you are violating their rights. When they aggress against you, they are violating your rights. In many cases, a rights violation cannot make someone “whole” again.

If we are willing to compromise, then we are saying that rights aren’t an idea worth adhering to. There isn’t room for compromise, because if you compromise with people who don’t value your life, which is ultimately what every rights violation comes down to, they will continue to ask you for more compromise, and more compromise.

We’ve seen in history every magnitude, every variation of government, and not a single one has lasted more than two generations. Many will disagree with me, that the United States has been around for 240 years, however, it ended with the Alien and Sedition Acts, which was less than a generation. These two acts violated the Constitution, and as such ended the original United States.