The Ten Year Anniversary Of My Death

This week marks the 10 year anniversary of Ian’s brainless and sadistic actions - libriciding the Free Talk Live forum and shitting on the souls of its contributors.

I was bullied out of the Free State Project for criticizing it, and I’ve been a pointless crippled lone-wolf tax resister ever since. An agorist community of one. A contradiction.

For me this betrayal was the “DEATH OF GOD” - the loss of the possibility of reason, the end of all hope. I have lost everything in my life, but that betrayal has been many times more painful than all other pain I’ve experienced in my life combined. I’ve never loved or trusted anything ever since.

I didn’t kill myself in the most literal sense, but I haven’t really been alive either. My soul is dead. I cannot go back, and I cannot move forward - I am a phantom, even to myself.

The ghost of Alex Libman continues to walk the earth: camping in a swamp, working for cash, not paying taxes, reading, learning, forgetting… I have no idea why or what for. There is no hope, no understanding, no point. I am alone on this planet, a species of one. No one will ever even begin to understand my pain.

Talk about disempowering. You could just download the BBS database and launch it on your own server. If it were actually that important to you.

Holy shit it’s libman

Holy shit it’s libman

The one and only.