The System Countering Rebellion: AUTISM


I made multiple posts in a thread here: New link between autism and vaccines
The creator of the thread found my posts irrelevant to the topic. So I’ll back my theory with a new title pertaining directly to the following posts. For anyone interested,and more will be interested, this is a lengthy explanation. It is ONLY A THEORY. And a theory that can not be easily tested like a scientific hypothesis.
1)There’s a “recipe”, if you will, that I, and possibly a few others hold, that forms the theory that autism is intentionally man-made to counter rebellion and possibly other traits that would be harmful to the controllers agenda. I will ad support as my time permits.
2)Who/what makes up the controllers ? Is it just “gov’t” ? How evil are the controllers ?
AND: How do we test the hypothesis that autism is man made, with a twisted scheme to counter rebellion in genetics ?
Science is usually much further ahead then we think it is. What were the Nazi’s doing back in the 1940’s ?
What did American scientists learn from them ?
My theory is that (probably Nazi) scientists found a chemical reaction that would counter rebellion in genetics in a way that damages the brain. It could be administered through the MMR vaccine and prove harmless to those without the possibility for developing a high standard of rebellion. This “reaction” would be harmless to all other DNA except those with rebellion traits. The reaction could be randomly “installed” into the MMR to further decrease the chance of any links being found.
3)Rebellion in genetics. Too much of this would be bad for the controllers.
I will ad support to my post on autism theory from above in due time. Here’s an article to read:
One thing to understand that supports my theory above is what the Nazi scientists were doing way back in the 1940’s. Imagine how much science has “advanced” since. This is from the following article: " Perhaps the most infamous evil experiments of all time were those carried out by Josef Mengele, an SS physician at Auschwitz. Mengele combed the incoming trains for twins upon which to experiment, hoping to prove his theories of the racial supremacy of Aryans. Many died in the process. He also collected the eyes of his dead “patients,” according to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

The Nazis used prisoners to test treatments for infectious diseases and chemical warfare. Others were forced into freezing temperatures and low-pressure chambers for aviation experiments. Countless prisoners were subjected to experimental sterilization procedures. One woman had her breasts tied off with string so SS doctors could see how long it took her baby to starve, according to an oral history collected by the Holocaust Museum. She eventually injected the child with a lethal dose of morphine to keep it from suffering longer."
Practicing controlling the population and creating an obedient population was priority for the Nazi agenda.
5) Different strategies being used with one obvious goal: Reduce REBELLION/ Those most likely to pose a threat to the system. Some techniques are more mainstream. Autism may be their way of countering otherwise impenetrable rebellious genetics.
This is from the article that follows :
“I see a satisfied embrace of nihilism being the most horrifying thing to the current generation of parents,” he continues. “How does a parent react when a 17-year-old kid tells you they don’t want to go to college because ‘What does it matter? The world’s going to be over before I’m 30 anyway.’”

punk teen
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“Kids know something is coming, and rebellion is going to be a form of accepting something that adults can’t quite accept yet,” he continues. “I see teen rebellion shifting to something more like passive acceptance, where apathy is strength.”
6) truthvsstate19h
The rebellion is still there. It can be extreme. Without the damage done by Autism, the controllers would have millions more to contend with. 1 in 59 boys on the spectrum now from what I gather. So it seems like the number of non-Autistic obedient sheep goes up at the same rate. From the following article to go along with my posts above: "Defiance in an autistic child is virtually a given."
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Defiant Behavior in Autistic Children
By Damon Verial ; Updated September 26, 2017

Autistic children engage in rituals for themselves, not to spite their parents.
Defiance in an autistic child is virtually a given. Autistic children, lacking the social and communication skills that most people use to solve problems, often spontaneously respond negatively to small conflicts. Because of the difficulty of understanding the reasons for every action in which an autistic child engages, sometimes parents make the mistake of thinking their child is deliberately being defiant. By observing the specific details of your child’s misbehavior, you will often come to the root cause of the defiance.

Defiance as Lack of Social Skills
Autistic children tend to be on a lower level in terms of social skills. In interacting with an autistic child, you will often find him to be unresponsive to you and your actions. Autistic children are inflexible in their social interactions. Sometimes it seems as if their defiant behaviors are planned, but this is not always the case. For many parents, this can be a hard concept to grasp. In many cases, what a parent sees as defiance in her autistic child is actually a lack of social skills, an ignorance of the needs and wishes of the parent. For example, an autistic child might have a habitual way of speaking. This speech style might be rude in certain situations, such as by being too direct. The child might not be deliberately trying to provoke a conflict, though he might end up doing so due to his lack of ability to adapt his speech style to the situation.

Defiance as Communication Breakdown
Defiance might come in the form of a communication breakdown between parent and child, often due to poor communication skills in the child. According to Mohammad Ghaziuddin, child psychologist and author of the book “Mental Health Aspects of Autism and Asperger Syndrome,” this is a common form of parent-child conflict in families with an autistic children. Ghaziuddin also points out that over 25 percent of all autistic children lack the ability to express themselves through meaningful communication. Thus, when communicating with their parents, autistic children are often prone to using more physical methods of communication, such as pulling, pushing or even hitting. In this way, a difference of opinions between parent and autistic child is not always a simple conversation but can escalate into inappropriate behavior on the autistic child’s side. This defiance is true defiance, but it stems from a lack of expressive ability.

Defiance as Insistence
One idiosyncrasy of the autistic child is her propensity to have rituals for nearly everything. Autistic children are often fixated on doing certain things in a single, specific way. Deviation from that way can lead to tantrums or other defiant behaviors. When a parent interferes with an autistic child’s ritual, that stubborn part of the autism can easily show its face, emerging as rebellious behavior.


New link between autism and vaccines

Are these 2 of the “USA’s” most upstanding citizens? Eric Holder (former “attorney general”) and Kenneth Frazier (Merck chair/ CEO )
Frazier, who was named Black Enterprise’s 2014 Corporate Executive of the Year, will receive the Achievement Award for his leadership as head of one of the largest bio-pharmaceutical companies in the world.
(from 2015 “Executive Leadership Foundation” annual awards gala)
More info on Merck soon. (Merck produces the MMR vaccine)



In hindsight it appears there has been concerted effort to dumb down and make Americans docile. Here’s three others:

Fluoride. Has no demonstrative proof of helping teeth, yet we DO know it lowers IQ, is a carcinogen, but also makes imbibers more docile.

BPA’s (Bisphenol A). It’s basically a synthetic hormone from petroleum plastics. Plastic is an unstable bond constantly breaking down and throwing hormone blockers into drinks and food. The result is women with too much testosterone and men with too much estrogen. We’re drowning in the result, such as the Feminist movement, men wearing dresses and skirts, and all the other gender confusion. This single chemical has done our society so much harm tying everyone up in fighting over bullshit instead of things that are actually very important.

State schooling. We now have generations of people coming out of state schooling unable to do any sort of critical thinking. They’ve only been trained to memorize stuff. And with the new communist core system, entire areas of learning have been quietly cut from the curriculum. Notice no one anymore has ever read their state constitution? It’s the most important document in their life and most don’t even know it exists anymore. How many have read the deceleration of independence? Or even the federal constitution and bill of rights for that matter, much less done any sort of deep inquiry and discussion on what they are saying. How many know our law system was supposed to be common law, and how that is extremely different from roman statutory law and why this is bad? (I’m completely anti-state so I’m just pointing out these facts as evidence, not supporting them.)






Censorship to counter the anti-vaxx. AVOID NEEDLES ! A movie they wanted to make sure you never got to see :

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