The Permanent Floating Voluntarily Society(aka Shire Society at Sea)

I’ve been a big fan of seasteading ever since I heard about it. It’s my inspiration for this post. I,as an individual, can not bring to reality any number of the ideas that seasteading has offered. The problem is a lack of resources, specifically, money. This is the problem all seasteaders face. I offer a solution to the issue of money.

I use the term “Floating Voluntarily Society” to describe my solution. Stated plainly, it is individuals using whatever means they can to create a society that is based on the ocean. I’m not asking you to join, or encouraging you to do anything, just giving you my idea freely and do with it what you will.

Rather than sit, hope, save, and commit resources, work the problem from the other end. Rather than build huge costly structures, start small and build up.

Small boats are more in range of the average individual. They can be had, in various states of function, for as little as 1,000 to 5,000 USD. A small boat of this range gives you the minimal survival boat. It’s not pretty, but it is functional. At worse, it gives individual freedom on the ocean.

A collection of individuals could meet up in the ocean, tie up together, and operate as a collective. They can move to different locations as a collective. They can support each other in the ocean. Support each other on land based excursions. Income streams could be similar to Airbnb, transporting people and small cargoes, and tourism.

In time, with enough individuals and their resources, they could upgrade their boats as individuals or collectively to a single ship or several larger ships. Income streams could be the same as smaller boats but with larger capacity.

This could lead to a collective operating as a crew of a large ship, such as a 1946 ex-coast guard cutter that has supported 120 people in the past. The ship would allow for different income streams of various types. As an example, this such ship, is built to offer towing of other ships, it could support repairing other ships at sea, transporting goods or people from one place to another, light manufacturing, and the list goes on.

From there the collective could build a floating seasteading, or as one business owner did, create a floating barge, put a high end hotel including all the services you have at such a business. The collective could also build into it the ability to fully service boats or even manufacture smaller boats.

These are just some of the ideas that I’ve come up with. I’m curious what crowd sourcing this idea will result in. I ask that you post constructively and not destructively.