The next frontier - socioeconomic freedom outside the EEZ

Updated New Liberty design for Freedom Haven project now available on GrabCad:

This floating city is estimated to

  • have a starting population of 5,000-10,000
  • cost $260 million
  • be placed in the south Bay of Bengal (outside the jurisdiction of all existing countries)
  • be built by 2037
  • have the highest levels of economic freedoms and social freedoms on the planet
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I love that people are interested in freedom projects, but I can’t understand Seasteading. 1. A nation, sometimes multiple, must consent to their presence as we saw with Thailand blowing up a sea shack 13 miles out. 2. If you can get 1 nation to consent to letting you have a seastead, they would likely allow you a small plot of land with the same freedoms, let’s call that a Special Economic Zone. If you have the choice between building everything you need for a community on the land or building everything you need for a community on the water, PLUS a stable platform that acts like land, then the choice is clear.

This is vaporware and should be ignored. Seasteads are good for hotels, nothing else.

If you can get 50 armed people to practice at defending and maintaining the free environment you describe that’s a great start and I’d definitely visit.