The next frontier - socioeconomic freedom outside the EEZ

Updated New Liberty design for Freedom Haven project now available on GrabCad:

This floating city is estimated to

  • have a starting population of 5,000-10,000
  • cost $260 million
  • be placed in the south Bay of Bengal (outside the jurisdiction of all existing countries)
  • be built by 2037
  • have the highest levels of economic freedoms and social freedoms on the planet

I love that people are interested in freedom projects, but I can’t understand Seasteading. 1. A nation, sometimes multiple, must consent to their presence as we saw with Thailand blowing up a sea shack 13 miles out. 2. If you can get 1 nation to consent to letting you have a seastead, they would likely allow you a small plot of land with the same freedoms, let’s call that a Special Economic Zone. If you have the choice between building everything you need for a community on the land or building everything you need for a community on the water, PLUS a stable platform that acts like land, then the choice is clear.

This is vaporware and should be ignored. Seasteads are good for hotels, nothing else.

If you can get 50 armed people to practice at defending and maintaining the free environment you describe that’s a great start and I’d definitely visit.

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The UNCLOS, which almost all nations have signed, declares that a country’s jurisdiction STOPs 200 nautical miles from shore. The Thailand seastead was inside Thailand’s jurisdiction - not a good idea.

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Throughout history, people have left the jurisdiction of existing countries to move to a new frontier for the economic/social freedoms that exist there (Pilgrims, Pioneers, etc). Do you seek the freedoms offered on today’s frontiers?

90-second intro:

I am currently renting an apartment in for $120 a month. It is the free-est place in the world from what I can tell, and defiantly not vapor ware.

At one point, it was 3 miles out, then 12, now it is 200. Seems like once this gets built it will be 1000. What does the world map look like with all nations at 200 miles? Is there anything left that is viable? If you get remote enough, you might as well move to Pitcairn. Last I saw, there were 42 voting age people there.

The dark blue area is what it looks like 200 nautical miles out - it’s over 1/3rd if the entire earth.

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Do you have the freedom to start a business manufacturing and selling medical supplies and equipment to other countries without government permissions. taxation, and without having to be in hiding? I don’t know of anyplace with more socioeconomic freedom than outside the EEZ.

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“Vapor ware” sounds like a snarky way of saying that you don’t think it will happen.

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I don’t, I also don’t believe the costs that were quoted. The cost of building this platform have to be significantly lower than building on some piece of land in a country that is starving for tourist dollars for it to be viable, and I just don’t think that is the case. Seasteading has neat ideas and there have been some advances, but Free Cities have had advances too. There are 2 or 3 in Honduras and maybe one coming online elsewhere this year.

“Free Cities” lack the level of freedom that I seek.

The main section: 10m high x 15m wide x 17.32m long, and is comprised of 310.93219 cubic meters of high compression high quality concrete and non-steel rebar/wire/mesh.

You can download the CAD files here:

It is important to know which freedoms you want and where to get them. If you know this, I applaud you. However, I would caution with the use of the term “level”. A level of freedom may not include your freedoms. For instance, NH is the free-est state in the US, but you can’t gamble there, smoke pot legally, or higher a hooker. You can do those things in Nevada, but it isn’t as free.

I like to ask people to pick their top 3 or 5 freedoms and look for a place that they can find it. You can do that now. Schematics of places that will never exists are fun, but they don’t make you free.

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Actually, yes. In both of those areas ZEDEs in Honduras are quite free. Check out and

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all of these ideas are interesting to me
please keep us informed as to the progress

I have been thinking about why ZEDEs aren’t that interesting to libertarian types. I think one reason is that freedom is boring. Fighting the state or building a cool boat those are positive actions. Just being free isn’t a challenge. It is like oxygen. Most of the time you never think about it; never miss it and don’t spend much energy fighting for it, but without it, things get restrictive.

Mark, this might be true in a lot of cases… once you have liberty, you just go on living your life like you always did.

For my part — my background is in the sciences, and I worked in a technical field for 17 years. I know that our energy needs today can be met with minimal disruption and at nearly zero cost in the long run… I know that living comfortably off-grid is easy if the government doesn’t get in the way… I know that healthy foods can be produced in relatively small local areas, negating the need for distribution costs… I know…

Unfortunately, it is our modern society based on big companies and government interference that keep us from advancing socially, academically, spiritually, artistically. Yes, I am anti-capitalist, anti-fascist. There are much better ways, more cooperative ways.

That is why I work for independence on as many levels as possible. With continued improvements in technology, advances in medicine, learning, art, mental health, and spirituality will be possible.