The Curious Case of Christopher Cantwell

It wasn’t just that he wasn’t a pacifist, it was because he got “negative” press publicity for his position. The leftist lightweights in the FSP whined and they decided he was not good for their pending IRS non-profit 501c3 application, and thus they excommunicated him.

I guess it’s only inevitable for an intense person like Chris to decide to push back against that kind of mentality by disowning it in the extreme way he has.


last time I was in a room with him … at a Keenevention … my big disagreement with him was his stance in opposition to pacifism.
He threatens violence and seems to relish the idea of hurting people if he can get away with it.

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Someone suggested that Chris is an informant because he doesn’t get into real trouble and is not badgered. They said that a real activist like Derrick is hounded until they catch them with something to prosecute, but that someone with connections like Chris keeps getting out of trouble even after they do so many things. Sounds plausible, but I’m not sure if it’s true.


107 days in jail isn’t nothing. Derrick got a much better deal for a string of crimes.

Chris also has another 7 months in jail hanging over his head. Banned from a state for 5 years. Because he used pepper spray in self defense, and some bystanders felt some effects.

And they are whipping up the public against him. He is the crying Nazi. Pleading guilty can’t be good for the civil suit that is coming.

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If I was Chris, I’d be lookin’ to slug not hug .

Chris freely admits he is an informant for the feds. I’m not sure it has helped him.

If you come to me talking about illegal shit, plan to get turned over to the FBI, because I’m going to assume that you’re the fed in that situation.

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Yet people keep giving him money.


From my little understanding of his ideology Chris is anti-Nationalist, anti-Socialist unless I missed something…

Reminds me of the black female podcaster that culturally misappropriated the “nazi” term in their recent works.

You must not have heard him recently. He’s gone full statist.

Back at it again.

Looks like the major news media had articles ready to go. They report on it like it is some big important event.

On the front page of CNN.

Looks like he is getting a speedy trial.

Assistant U.S. Attorney John S. Davis said prosecutors have expected the trial against Cantwell to last four days. It has been scheduled for March 3 before Judge Paul J. Barbadoro.

I was wondering if this stuff was being reported in Israeli media…not covering the arrest, but they do have a Cantwell story put out on JANUARY 22, 2020 5:37 PM by the JTA


Sshhh, we’re not allowed to like Christopher Cantwell on this forum. People who march against demolishing old monuments, cite “racist” scientific facts against the socialist cult of endless victimhood, and defend themselves against communist terrorist thugs are doubleplusunlibertarian you know… :thinking:

When I was in jail for Civ Dis, I wished it was easier to get good books. Send Chris something good to read!

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Anthony Elonis doesn’t think there was a threat. He took a case to the Supreme Court and won.

He is trying to get in touch with the public defender,

Lol, cantwell must like jail.

Even if he wins his case, he loses months of his life and a ton of money.     Jail is torture!     The “legal system” is “of, for, and by” the commie lawyers - it’s routinely used to rob dissidents and torment them into silence…

Government is scum!

And people who want to ethnically discriminate their voluntary association under NAP are not scum!     You may not agree with their judgement, just as I don’t agree with other people’s activism about recreational drugs or public nudity (where it is overwhelmingly unpopular), but I still acknowledge their Rights.     (My own non-stop activism has been about tax resistance and homeless camping on government-stolen land.)

Christopher Cantwell should be a hero to all libertarians, just like Rich Paul, Ed/Elaine Brown, and others…     (Does anyone have a list of the top martyrs for libertarian civil disobedience, I mean in terms of jail time and fines?)

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Literally more lies than sentences!

A leading

He’s only known and liked among right-libertarians. I can’t post anything about Cantwell to places like Voat without ignorant idiots calling him a “fed” and down-voting.

white nationalist

Lie. He’s a secessionist. He had a black girlfriend. Etc, etc, etc.

Christopher Cantwell, who rose to prominence in 2017 after a violent rally in Charlottesville, Virginia

100% of the violence came from the left-wing terrorists. Cantwell was transparent with law enforcement (which is why some idiots now call him a “fed”).

And I guess Free State Project / Free Talk Live doesn’t count as “prominence”… :zipper_mouth_face:

he threatened to rape the wife of a person with whom he was having a dispute

No, he razzed about having sex with the wife, for which voluntary seduction or prostitution are just as plausible an explanation as “rape”.

And there is no such thing as a “threat”. There’s either speech or there’s action - there’s nothing in between. Cantwell has no actual history of violence, sexual or otherwise (please correct me if I’m wrong).

Among the reasons was a history of “contempt for bail conditions,”

Evidence? He’s been exemplary in his compliance with the government thugs.

his use of secure communication tools,

I guess we’re all going to the GuLag for using a VPN, Tor, SSH, PGP, etc, etc, etc…

his violent history


and drug use.

So did Barack Obama. Cantwell has been preaching clean living for quite a while now.

allegations of violence and drug use

Repeating a lie doesn’t make it true. And whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty?

They including a Vice News documentary about Charlottesville that featured Cantwell talking about violence

False. He was talking about self-defense against leftist violence, which is what we saw in Charlottesville

They also said 16 weapons were seized from Cantwell’s house in Keene when he was arrested and one from his car.

Second Amendment. He has communist terrorists after him, and the government and media are only helping the terrorists - he has better reasons to have guns than anyone!

They also cited a social media post in which Cantwell talked about bringing a gun to a showing of the movie “Joker”.

Your right to bring a gun depends on the property owner, in this case the theater. And of course government thugs throw in their own “laws”, but this is NH. No mention of why that particular movie is an automatic exception to 2A.

It was unclear if any charges were filed in that incident.

Are you too incompetent to call the police department? They have integrated information systems for Federal charges as well. This person would literally fail 5th grade journalism club!

Cantwell also pleaded guilty in 2018 to assault after he was accused of using pepper spray against two counterprotesters during the Charlottesville rally in 2017.

Obviously under duress. Anyone who doesn’t understand this is too retarded to be a member of the human race!

Cantwell, who has hosted self-produced radio shows, also has a history of posting threatening messages over social media.

Which actually works as his defense. He’s an open media personality who’s been saying angry things for years and never actually initiated aggression.

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Google news coverage of cantwell yesterday. I like the photo they use.

Not one single supporter was at his bail hearing

Ian, did you count yourself?

I don’t support his views. I only support him not being locked up for speech. It’s weird to hold both views simultaneously, but it doesn’t feel like true support to me.


It’s not weird, and it definitely counts as a support.

Maybe Chris should ask to be released before trial again, considering they are letting convicted criminals out early because of the Coronavirus. Chris hasn’t even been convicted yet, and the judge doesn’t think he is a flight risk.

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If he calls, I’ll suggest it

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