The Bible

     Good time to read it.

I enjoy Genesis, Matthew, Revelations, Daniel,
On my path to reading the entire book of Truth.

I had a teacher in government school who used to let us get extra credit by reading a book and points were based on pages in the book. I read the Bible. It was worth enough credits I didn’t have to take two tests. Most of it bored me though.

So, you should see the events playing out. Every time I listen to someone that has read it. It amazes me of how accurately things are happening.

The Bible becomes more and more interesting, when you study it regularly. It reveals Truth like nothing else. God is more powerful than any of us can comprehend. He is the only one to fear.

My problem is how do you “trust” that as “truth”?

It’s simple.
Pray to God to see the Truth.
It will, in time, be revealed to you. When it is, you’ll trust the Word of God.