The beauty of "transitioning"

I appreciate your enthusiasm.
As intelligent people, its helpful for us to avoid logical fallacies such as voting to decide on what is right and wrong.

I do agree with the premise that this topic comes up way too often, but that has a lot to do with the fact that it’s a current events topic & Aria “represents” a minority group; like it or not. That said, the way that today’s host set tends to talk about “trans rights” as if they are an independent thing seems so very not libertarian to myself. No, trans rights don’t exist; only human rights. If it’s not a right that a hetero would have, then a trans doesn’t have it either. You have no right to taxpayer funded health care of any kind. You have no right to force others to call you by your preferred pronouns, or even your preferred name. While I may choose to call Aria a “her” to be polite, I certainly don’t have to.

The great problem that I have with transition surgery, is that it should reserved for adults.

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Looks a little pedantic the way you collectivize all the hosts with a vague reference to something some of them might alhave said on occasions.
Perhaps if you want to help rather than hinder you’d reference a specific phrase or two said by a specific host?

E.g. the way aria and others used to virtue signal and demean the non-feminine display of beards and hair or other traditionally non-feminine qualities some self-identified females occasionally exhibit.

So “provide receipts or it didn’t happen!” right Stone? I’ll pass, this is not an important topic to myself. And I know from prior experience that you are the kind of person that enjoys the conflict, almost always willing to assume that anyone who expresses a slightly different opinion than yourself is opposed to you.

I do believe it’s self-inflicted, at least via ignorance since it is due to imbalances of various hormones as a result of consuming BPA’s and products like soy, as has been pointed out to you a couple of times before.

Evidence shows it is avoidable and can also be remedied via dispensing with the bad dietary consumption choices.

And, I’m fine with people living their own life the way they want; if they want to mutilate themselves because of ill health, that’s their choice. However, I don’t want to keep hearing about the topic and details of it. And when it’s done to children, I think a criminal line is being crossed.

This girl’s future could as a healthy woman with nice tits. Now her future is going to be depression and eventually likely suicide.

Data indicate that 82% of transgender individuals have considered killing themselves and 40% have attempted suicide, with suicidality highest among transgender youth: Suicidality Among Transgender Youth: Elucidating the Role of Interpersonal Risk Factors - PubMed

BTW, what started this thread was you, Bonnie and Nikki talking about it, seemingly, the whole show. And the day before, it was Ian and Bonnie. So if you guys are going to be bringing it up all the time, then I’ll post on the subject more often. That’s a fair trade, isn’t it?

I understand you will continue allegations without factual references.

Is it worth paying taxes to crusade against these crimes?

Sigh. I wasn’t going to get involved in this discussion. Didn’t want to (too many downsides). But then…dammit, Jim Goad just popped up at Taki’s Magazine addressing it (and much else, starting with the clarion call, “Please, Bitch”). So? Read it HERE…if you dare.

And then there’s THIS.

Not to mention this expansive discussion.