The 2018 LP Convention

The 2018 Libertarian national convention will be held at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans, Louisiana, on June 30th through July 3rd, 2018.

The convention theme selected will be “I’m That Libertarian,” a rallying cry by the late Dr. Marc Allan Feldman for unification.

I have a gut feeling the 2018 convention will be the next battle in the radicals v. moderate war. Some moderates feel their backs against the wall, while others felt a taste of “success” in the 2016 election and want more.

Facts that encourage the moderates: the moderates celebrate their 3% and 0 electoral votes with Gary Johnson (despite a ticket with a couple two-term governors, trended on social media twice, polled in double digits, had less gaffes than the two-major party candidates (both were historically-unpopular), and had much more media coverage than any other LP ticket) and they’re openly trying to repeat this by having an encore, or recruiting the Republican likes of governors Mark Sanford and Mitch Daniels, senators Rand Paul and Mike Lee, and congressmen Justin Amash and Thomas Massie.

Facts that scare moderates to death: the LNC has a very-public vice chair and representative who are anarchist (and is seen as the historian of the party, even being tasked with a chair position about history and the LPedia site) and a chair who openly accepts anarchists; and the fact the loudest anarchists of the party (from Caryn Ann Harlos to Will Coley) are calling for an end to the talks of purging either side, while moderates are fueling the fires of a purge hotter (and they have their own newfound “Pragmatist Caucus” as an engine).

Radicals have to be at least prepared for a fight in 2018 (moderates never want these fights during presidential nominations), and ready for a fight at the most. I don’t think new proposals will do it, I think strongly, more than ever, supporting what we got will.

I mean, the LPNH is lead by anarchists and have shown to be more successful than other state affiliates. I think the radicals can undo the bullcrap that happened in 2006.

Am I off the mark here? If not, what can radical libertarians do to curb (as opposed to purge) the moderates in 2018?

the mid-term conventions have a much smaller attendance than the Presidential nominating conventions; so we have a chance to make the platform a little more radical (keep in mind it’s easier to delete a plank than to amend/add a plank), and amend the bylaws to prevent someone from joining the Party 2 weeks before the convention and walking away with the nomination!


I havent been to a national convention before. How can I help? Ive already got my taxation is theft button and t-shirt with the convention slogan so I think I’m halfway there. :slight_smile:

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I know, but so do the moderates. I’m thinking they’re going to come in droves just to make some changes - I have no doubt in my mind they’re going to bus in that 7/8.

Come to the convention and participate. It’ll be new for me, too, so what I’ve been doing is reading up on the parliamentary procedure - Robert’s Rules of Orders and Mason’s Manuel - and watch videos of conventions to see how they work. Hope to see you there.

I would be incredibly surprised if that happens. I doubt there will be a motion, let alone the 2/3 required to amend the bylaws to revoke the Pledge.

I would be, too. I mean that’s a lot of people to bring. But I think they’ll try it. They were ecstatic to nominate the Republicans they wish they could’ve nominated in their host party, but didn’t like the hassle they got for it. The centrists view the LP like the general-election arm of the RLC. If something doesn’t happen in 2018, by either side, something will give soon. We got advantages this time that the radicals have not had since the 1970s, but being prepared for a fight will go a long way.

my experience is that most of the people who come out en masse to the Presidential convention are not involved with the party during the mid-years. That’s not to say that the more radical members of the Party should skip the 2018 convention; quite the contrary, I’m just not concerned that hundreds of delegates will come out of the woodwork to ram through a watered-down platform.

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But then there was 2006.

True, but again it only takes a majority to delete a platform plank; whereas it takes 2/3 to add/amend a plank or to amend the bylaws

While the gutting of the platform wasn’t good - I’m not upset that it happened, because it did allow the Party to begin re-organizing the planks and streamlining some of the language. the 2004 Platform was kind of clunky (each plank had 4 sections: The Issue, The Principle, Solutions & Transitional Action) compared with say the 2002 Platform where there was just the plank.

History repeats itself. I see the rabid behavior and desperation in the centrists - I just hope enough of us can stop them next year.

I’m actually seeing the pendulum swinging the other way and the radicals are mobilizing like never before!

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I’m seeing that, too, so are the centrists. I know I’ll be there, and hope others will be, too. The 2020 convention cannot nominate another centrist failure. Bill Weld, Mark Sanford, Justin Amash, Thomas Massie, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee are names the centrists are trying to draft. Ad nauseam.

Hi. I was thinking of Gary Johnson once they nominated (Daryl Perry was better IMHO),but Weld ruined it for me and many others, especially by vouching for Hilary and having statist expressions over the years and the campaign. I don’t necessarily like Trump, but he is a step in the right direction for some issues. If only the elitists had no influence at all over him.

I am usually taking liberty stances on issues, but I find I can’t on the issue of borders. If there were no incentives, there would be no issues. I have a hard time finding those willing to discuss removing those incentives first before having an open border (which is unheard of now, why should the US be the exception?).

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Walls never stopped undocumented immigration. It’s a boondoggle if a serious proposal, and political rhetoric to woo voters of not.

It must effect it somewhat, because I know few nations without border controls. They all seem to have less of a problem with it.

Correlation isn’t the same as causation. Right now, the market says the U.S. is the place to be according to western immigrants.

Nobody has ever came out and stated why the rest of the planet is supposed to have a right to come here. Is it some Georgist-like belief? I don’t mind immigration, and I’d go so far as saying the limits could be raised, I just don’t buy the anything goes we want freedom argument. No other nations seem to either, just sayin’.

Uruguay has fairly open immigration rules, they’re not being over-run by all of the boogey-men that we’re warned about in the United States.

Also, it should be remembered that the Berlin Wall was called the Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart in East Germany… yes, that’s right: the wall that kept people IN East Germany was promoted as being needed to keep others OUT!

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