Texas v White - Supreme Court case that calls the union "indestructible"

The statists love to bring up Texas v White.

Good analysis here:


Basically it says that the decision doesn’t cite any constitutional basis and couldn’t because there’s nothing in the US constitution addressing leaving the union, which per the US 10th amendment means that power is left to the states.

Further. they say that “It is also noteworthy that two years after that decision, President Grant signed an act entitling Texas to U.S. Congressional representation, readmitting Texas to the Union.” Why readmit Texas if the Supreme Court said they never left?


good…I think a vote for an independence referendum doesn’t even come close to violating their U.S. Constitution oath… every house member probably needs to hear someone explain that to them.

Maybe that would be the best use for Alu’s list of all their emails. The texas website is not ideal for this purpose… can anyone name a better place where this case for constitutionality is laid out?