Teaming up with Quebec's independence movement

Got a nice note this week from the Parti Québécois’ Director-General. These are the folks who came within a few percent of making Quebec an independent nation during their 1995 referendum. In reply, I’m sending them a link to this thread and inviting them to publicly liaise with us here.

One idea would be to start working together on this: How do we reduce visitation and immigration hassles which the U.S. govt imposes on Quebec folks when they enter NH? Failing that, can we at least make it an issue?


I just posted this elsewhere on the site, but then noticed this topic and figured it would make sense to post it here:

It could be worth sounding the Quebec independence folks out about trying to set up some kind of reciprocal support arrangement. For instance, some NHexit activists travel to Quebec to support some pro-independence event they’re holding up there, and some of them in turn come and support some pro-independence event happening in the Shire. It wouldn’t need to be any kind of formal arrangement, just some members of both groups recognizing a convergence of interests and seeking to cooperate in a mutually beneficial way.

What did the Parti Québécois’ Director-General say in the letter?

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I, and I would bet many others on this forum, cannot travel to Quebec … if you can … we can elect your representative. :slight_smile: