Teach a man to fish

I wrote this in response to City of Manchester’s announcement that they will be displacing people that live on the river bank for no good reason. http://bevoluntaryist.com/teach-a-man-to-fish/


Those guys should move to Slab City. The man doesn’t hassle you there. Unless you have kids, then CPS might come after you.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
So the manchester gang calls the river camps an “eyesore”.
I call all the flaming oversized brick mansions in outer manchester and bedford an eyesore. Every one of these greedy scumbags hogs up 9 times more living space than they need. They waste potential garden space for lawn that they pay some landscapers stupid money to spray chemicals on. These are the ones that should be evicted. These stupid-rich statist lowlifes in bedford are the ones who hire the gang to pick on these campers.
Print this and drop 'em to the campers: https://www.100clubnh.org/2017-photo-highlights.html
It’s where the scumbags evicting them like to play. Great article Patrick !

If I were “homeless”, I could find a lot better places to be than Manch.

Every time I’ve been to San Francisco they seem to love “homeless” people. Weather is kinda nice. I haven’t been there since 2012, but it doesn’t look like things got better


Portland Maine also has a pretty big “homeless” community that really picks up in the summer. It’s already going pretty good.

I guess really liberal places have a soft spot for street people.

It’s weird, because they are definitely kept out of some neighborhoods.

" Living outside is regulated, like the rest of life."
Yah, but it’s only regulated by a gang. Their “laws” don’t mean a thing. Their threats do though.
It’s going to get worse until threats are countered. Watch the video Black Snake Killaz about the Indigenous at Standing Rock that had all the passion in the world for their surroundings and stood up to it…with…protest. :disappointed: After all that, they got kicked out. The snowball effect of this gang is too obvious. Please keep us posted on this story.

Just how much living space does one person need?

It seems to me if anyone’s hogging land it’s the rural NH residents-

  • NH overall has 147 people per square mile
  • Coos County has a mere 18 people per square mile
  • Grafton County has only 52 people per square mile
  • Bedford has 640 people per square mile
  • Manchester has a whopping 3,338 people per square mile!

(Source: Wikipedia pages for each location)

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Obviously “need” is in the eye of the oppressor, as many people only need a 4x6 cell.

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3338 prisoners per sq/mi. WOW! that’s what I call “government” efficiency.

You didn’t answer my question, Samm, and I am generously curious what you think:
How much living space does one person need?

House-wise ? Not much at all. And in the burning depths of manch.,for land ? I guess you don’t “need” much since there’s plenty of grocery stores (no need to grow your own food),no need to stack wood,sure as hell ain’t gonna hang a deer in your yard, never mind shoot one on your own land, no need to manage a tree lot (since you’re heating needs are provided by oil,gas, electric), no need to dig a well (town water),no need for a leach field (town sewer). No need for fruit trees or berries ( buy 'em at Wall Mart) You’re right ! You are Independent ! You don’t “need” any land ! Nor do you need a 4x6 cell. You have a 35 sq.mi. one.

Anyone interested in going down by the river, maybe bridge st, and holding signs in solidarity or protest?

Not sure what effective activism on this issue would be - or if just having a prsence and the viewpoint told, is a decent goal.

You could always hand out free heroin so they’ll steal less.

@Jay Lack of specific damages and victims are some of the grievances that I have with this announcement. There were general complaints mentioned - but I don’t think collectivizing any group ,as heroin abusers and thieves, or any other collectivization, is compatible with individualism. So, I was expecting that sort of claim from the city, but have yet to see it. I plan on walking down to the bridge and seeing what I can see. I’ll post video if anything interesting.

I dunno, maybe it’s because I’ve gotten my shit stolen by heroin addicts a half-dozen times in NH…once in a home invasion robbery in Manch. Yes, I would bet money that the majority of the homeless population in Manchester has an opiate addiction. I mean, it’s not like the huge heroin problem isn’t talked about every 2 seconds up there. You can choose to ignore the obvious, though…in some weird attempt to not be offended by the reality of statistical averages for reasons people might be homeless in a certain area.

"The day Goonan became chief in 2016, the Manchester Fire Department started a program called Safe Station to provide treatment access to those who need help. All 10 of the department’s stations have opened their doors 24 hours a day to anyone seeking treatment for addiction.

The program quickly passed Goonan’s expectations, drawing about 1,650 patients – both local and those who have traveled from other states – over the first year. Many people who walk through the doors are homeless…"


So have fun with your effort to prove everyone’s a unique snowflake individual deserving of not being labeled with a stereotype. I await your data.


Yeah, most hobolos seem to have an addiction issue, or mental problems. I think a lot of them end up on the street because they won’t live by the rules of the shelters.


I was in Portland Maine yesterday. The homeless people come out in the good weather, around the same time as the bugs. Portland is a liberal, gay city, and the street people take advantage of that. I really like Portland as a city, but the homeless people really ruin the experience.

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" “These camps have been here for years with no problem. When I came down here, we tried to clean up the area because I wanted it to be a safe place for my son; there were needles, all kinds of other trash,” Baker said."

From reading the history of these camps, they never were an “issue” until the heroin addicts started causing problems in the last several years. Then enough drama is stirred up for the State to have to look like it’s doing something and intervene.

FWIW, I have no issue with peaceful people staying on idle State owned land for free.

I keep seeing good reasons for you folks in manch. to get the hell out. Let the addicts and the pigs have it all. Give the addicts some pcp , a bottle of jack, and AR’s when you leave.

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Using stereotypes and other clues to inform one’s own decisions and reality is prudent. Using these same generalizations to rationalize the use of force is not acceptable.

So we agree completely.

The majority of the people living down by the river probably are a problem for this community, and probably aren’t looking to get better. I take no issue with addressing problem people and their problems. I don’t think evictions addresses the issue (and the police acknowledged it won’t change anything).