Tea Drinker Seeks Freedom

My beverage of choice is Japanese Green Tea. I hope to relocate to NH which would locate me approximately 4-5 hours from my son. I’m a Libertarian and I would like to meet other like minded people.
I like to organic garden and I’m currently mastering growing microgreens under grow lights.


Welcome. How soon are you coming up?

This is the way to go for many people. It’s getting so hard to get away from soil wrecked by glyphosate, one can just taste many types of produce (or simply look at them) to be able to tell whether they are organic or came from soil destroyed by glyphosate.

I heard lady on the radio talking about it say she’s seen it take upwards of 20 years for a fallow field to be clean and recover from the damage.

I still see neighbors spraying their yards with RoundUp. So Sad. Some people are more concerned with a dandelion in their yard than having a clean environment. I long to live among neighbors with weeds in their yards ! When I get settled again I’m planting my entire front yard with wildflowers and will welcome in the unloved dandelions and their friends.


I had to renew my lease because of this Lock Down. If things open up I’m planning on visiting NH this summer/fall.