TacoFest at ForkFest

So the decision has been made - in the spirit of last year’s everyone has their own fest, my wife and I are going to be hosting TacoFest selling “walking tacos” at ForkFest. If you haven’t ever heard of walking tacos, it’s basically a less messy, more portable form of taco, great for meals on the go. We’ve done this before at new movers parties and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We are going to be at site T25.


Actual tacos, as in food? Or is that a code name for something else? You never know with these liberty festivals.

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Actual tacos. Perhaps some other food-centric items as well.

how is a walking taco more portable than a regular taco?

Pretty sure this isn’t what they mean, but I found the Urban Dictionary definition amusing-

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Yeah - not the urban dictionary definition. Walking tacos are served in a chip bag, with the normal contents of a taco mixed into the bag. Spoon or fork recommended but not required.

How are they different? Well, the bag becomes the container, no losing meat/veggies out the ends, far cleaner to eat, and they can be saved for later if you wish.

I know how difficult it is to cook for a lot of people at a time up there since I did it from 2010-13, so this seems like a great idea to me. Saves a lot of headaches, since you don’t have to cook each one individually and people can put their own fixings on. Bring as many ingredients as you can up there, since the only grocery store in town is very expensive.