Sununu is a Fat Fuck

Then again, so are 1 in 3 americans. No, wait, 35% ! Slightly more than 1 in 3 ! Look at the person next to you. Good chance a fattie.

Yep, I’m fat.

At least you’re a result of the problem looking to fix the problem, right ? I should talk being on this god damn computer. I’ll end up one of ‘em :anguished: What’s the higher population ratio in FL: Fatties or Q tippies ? Betcha they’re sweaty fatties down there today. Guess it’s why FL doesn’t have laws against window tint like the Shire does. Do you not care about your cops down there? 95 degrees up here !!! Sununu’s probably belly-floppin’ into Winnie right about now.
Come on up for a hike and a lean dinner some day, Jay.

Governor Mills in Maine is a fat cunt.

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I prefer to call her a god dammed bitch.

Pretty sure she told the police to do more traffic stops. There has been a noticeable increase of police speed traps and pull overs after she took office.