Street theater @ Porcfest or Forkfest


I’m available, for the moment, to attend either porcfest or forkfest for a couple days and add some “black and white colour,” maybe a little mainstream education … in my “Winston Ridley” outfit:

That vid explains why I’m taking on the role of Winston Churchill impersonator and repurposing him for the defense of actual liberty, not just relative liberty.
I’d need expenses covered. I’m estimating this would cost me about 390 bucks total since I don’t have a car next month and would need to rent one…that’s just part of the expenditure. This is a significant cost to you so feel free to propose some parameters or stipulations.

I’ll eventually see message here but not quickly. Best way to contact me if you’d like to underwrite such an expedition: Ridley Report at live period com.

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