Stellar Lumens

i did get 356.2904739 lumens last night (~$20.00)

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me too. app.

Blackie, what is your username?

i use that as well. im wr250 on keybase.

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IIRC I have a second account I used for testing…yup. More lumens.


Got this message from the spacedrop bot to one of my accounts last night. Nothing sent to my second account.

  • an update!

:tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada:

The Stellar Space Drop program is back on. You are still registered; there is nothing for you to do. The first distribution will happen November 15, and you should expect more Lumens every month.

Why November 15?

In case you missed it, we were forced to shut down registrations due to a swarm of bad actors. GitHub and HackerNews were both under attack and reached out to us. No one could then join. YOU squeaked in, though. So you’re in.

So: we have spent the last month making it easier to participate. Now your friends and family qualify. Even if they’re not programmers.

If you’d like to invite anyone:

• click “New chat” from your inbox
• invite them by phone number
• chat with them (encrypted!) while you both await November

And apologies for the delay. But 100 million Lumens will be going out shortly. You will get your share.

:heart: @spacedrop

P.S. Stats & Info:

Hmm, I didn’t get it.