State rep candidate position on NHexit

Ridley to Matt Sabourin dit Choinière: “I’m planning to call free talk live to talk about your apparent backpedaling on NH independence now that you’re a politician …anything to add before I call? cc: NHexit Telegram group (I will probably publicize your whole response even if it is sent to me as a PM)”

Matt Sabourin dit Choinière says:

“Sure, it’s a minority position that’s supported by 20% of the population of NH for a goal that requires 66% support. It’s not an issue I’d feel comfortable knocking on the doors of Granite State senior citizens and parents advocating for as a candidate. With that being said, I’m sick and tired of Americans being treated like 2nd class citizens in their own country and if the federal government isn’t going to do it’s job, the states will have to step in. Many Americans already feel like we are “about” to lose their country, and the portion of the population that desires Independence is a reflection of poor federal leadership. Considering that there’s isn’t enough support in any one state for any state to actually be independent at this exact moment in time, (Alaska has the highest demand at 36%) I actually think the different secessionist groups around the country should try and get Texas VS White overturned- which would be a great use of time, energy, and resources. As far as legislatures are concerned, nullification and interposition are the most effective ways right now for states to battle federal overreach and incompetence. That bill from this weekend about drafting women needs to be nullified as well as the offshore wind plan in the gulf of Maine”.

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