State of NH apparently investigting me using Election Law Unit

I’ve just been notified that a “Richard C. Tracy - Chief Investigator - Election Law Unit” (not the guy in the vid below) has visited my residence in Winchester, NH. He was reportedly looking for me. His visit was apparently either August 1 or July 31. This was about two weeks after I left town to visit Colorado, where I have been since July 18 at the request of relatives. My best guess would be that this has something to do with the series of videos I shot about my registration process when I first voted in Winchester. Here’s one of those vids:

They may be trying to determine if I was really living in Winchester at the time I cast my vote, which I think would have been November 2018. I would have drawn more attention than most voters, since I tried to film bureaucrats…and two people either freaked out about it or tried to restrict me from filming in some way. In fact the apparent local busy-body in the video below tried to interrogate me on the spot as to where I lived and appeared to be laying hands on my paperwork. I’m gathering more info as of this writing, August 1, 2019. More details to follow.

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very strange

This happened to a bunch of us in the Free Town of Grafton some years ago. (They were really after me, as I divided my time then between Florida and NH, and I ended up suing the state attorney general over the matter.) Don’t expect fair application of the law here. There is plentiful vote fraud in New Hampshire benefiting Democrats, but they’re never challenged by the state authorities. Anti-fraud laws are used by the state mainly to intimidate libertarians and conservatives—especially FSP movers—from voting. This is one of many reasons that we need more political activists working within the state system.

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Here’s Dick:

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