Splitting off Bitcoin Cash from Core Wallet

Well, it’s time to part ways with BTC, and that means I need to split my BCH off first before selling it.

Who has split BCH from their Core wallet, and did you follow someone’s instructions? I don’t want to screw this up.

Also, did you pick a full node, or SPV wallet? Not only am I told that an SPV wallet doesn’t really help the network, it might hurt, and I really don’t want to download the whole blockchain again (wouldn’t that take weeks?)

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  1. Send out all BTC from wallet into a new wallet you control to make sure you don’t lose BTC in some theft of your private keys by the below software:

  2. Run script called BCExportAllPrivKeys

  3. Import private keys into Electron Cash

  4. Send BCH out from Electron Cash into some other wallet you control.


You could do it in a day with a quad core CPU with broadband, an SSD with at least 200GB available, and at least 6GB of RAM for a big enough database cache in memory. It really comes down to drive access speed. Even my 4GB dual core Mac Mini with an external USB 3.0 Samsung SSD was doing 2400 reads/second while doing a core sync and not even maxing out the CPU.

I’m really not sure why. I’ve got a Mac Mini with a USB 3.0 HD, and yeah, it’s not an SSDD, but it’s taking a hell of a lot longer. I guess I could have tried moving the folder to the internal SSDD, but I don’t think it’s large enough.

…anyway, thanks, Ian. I didn’t want to just cookbook split a 2012 Bitcoin wallet from some dude’s internet post, so your simple, major points help. I’m rather surprised there isn’t a conspicuous post on doing this safely, say, at Bitcoin.com.

There must be a lot of people with double-digit Bitcoins who are petrified by the prospect. Would be really cool if there was a foolproof bit of software to do so.

I’m not sure Roger Ver would personally get and read the message if I sent one to him, but that might be something to mention if you speak with him any time soon.

Yeah, I’ve got a transaction with an $11.50 fee sitting in the mempool for over two hours now. It was the highest level fee recommendation, which I used because it also calculated the numbers to empty my core wallet into my KeepKey. This should be interesting. Looks like the mempool is going down, though. It seems to mostly clear on weekends. Don’t know how replace by fee works, but maybe I’ll have to consider it if it stays stuck.

BTW, I feel like I got good advice from Melanie so I know what I should do before the end of the year.

I still have no idea what the fuck happened, where my Bitcoin are, or what to do about it. The core client says they’re in the memory pool with 0 confirmations. Attempt to find the transaction with Blockchain.info does not find it, not by transaction id, not by sender address, and not by recipient address. Unhappy camper is an understatement.

I don’t think the Core client broadcasts a transaction unless you’re synced fully with the blockchain. I remember having the same problem years ago. The latest version (for Windows and Mac anyway) doesn’t even let you use your wallet unless it’s fully synced.

I am fully synced. I wasn’t when I sent it, but I have been for a couple hours. It did let me send it. At first it said it wasn’t broadcast, then later it said it was in the mempool.

If you can get access to the raw hex of your transaction in your client, you can try pushing the transaction through the network by rebroadcasting it from a more robust node like Blockchain: