Special Economic Zone - A proposal for New Hampshire

S.E.Z. - A mutually beneficial proposal for NH

A proposal that could restore ALL of the socioeconomic freedoms we seek, regardless of whether this is before or after #NHExit .

The government wants homelessness (and the effect the homeless have on property values) to disappear. If New Hampshire could give us 6 square miles of land anywhere in the state AND contract to stay out of it, then we could reduce the state’s homelessness by 50%. (Click on the google doc link above for more details)


The 50% number is the general consesus from Freedom Haven group members here: Freedom Haven Government Role-Play | The December 6, 2023 #NHCEH annual report (link in comments) reported that there were 1,605 #homeless persons in #NewHampshire in 2022 | Facebook

Additional discussion on this subject here: Freedom Haven Government Role-Play | What are your thoughts on this proposal to build a #SpecialEconomicZone (#SEZ) in New Hampshire for the Freedom Haven project | Facebook

I honestly don’t think the State could do that. If they did the feds could come in and say we’re using our constitutional authority to maintain a Republican form of government throughout the United States by enforcing X in that zone.

Once upon a time the state “couldn’t do that” when it came to marijuana decrim or secession legislation. The most important things to do sometimes are the things you can’t. Even if they stop you, they become weakened every time they have to use their power. BTW thanks to FreedomHaven for responding so fast to my request that he put the article here! Does Haven have FreeKeene.com upload access?