Songs and music that counter the state

Is there a a list someplace that has music/popular songs that
are anti-statist or humorously disobey the powers that be.
I can think of a few right off.

Four Dead In Ohio
The Motorcycle Song
Alice’s Restaurant

i made a spotify playlist that i have been adding to for a few years now. seach for freedom songs in spotify

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Aww yea- our very own Captain Kickass recorded three VERY anti-statist songs for his EP release just this past summer. You can get them at his web site here if you want to support him (they’re available elsewhere, but … it’s also nice if you contribute… he’s spent a ton of time producing this stuff):

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yes they are on the playlist lol

A friend and good voluntarist dude I know from Flote Fest ‘22 has a one man band with majority song lyrics about his own experiences as a freedom loving, state-nonsense non-tolerant person. Here’s some links. Lol, the #FloteFam2022 had some pretty wicked jam sessions with a couple guitars and myself as the lyricist/back up singer. Personally, sticking with the pen as my weapon of choice is really the kindest choice for all. Much more considerate of others that way :flushed::joy:. Anyway, check it out! He’s based in Philly but tours a all over. Community support, especially more freedom &/or FSP folks for concert attendance would be awesome!

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