Solar & homestead tax credits. Does this help sustain future ops against the people?

We should be skeptical of “tax breaks” that help independence-minded people and communities. I think we’ve figured out that the system needs us to need it, right ? Independence goes against everything that is taking place in this society now. Or does it ? Why does the gov’t create incentives to back- to- the- landers and those people and communities looking into solar ?
Maybe it’s because they love us ?
Why would the military NOT invest massive amounts of your money into being able to sustain operations during a grid-down scenario ? Especially with how much we’ve heard about the vulnerability of the grid ?
Maybe it’s because many reaching for Independence are doing it for them.
The globalist team are quite dependent creatures. Unlike me and my friends. I don’t think they’re all that tough, being so dependent. Probably because they have no desire whatsoever to live a life without technological luxuries. This may hold true for the trillionaire elites all the way down to their lowliest order-follower.
What if their #1 roadblock is actually Independent minded people that are not only OK with an off grid lifestyle, but would actually welcome it ?
Total slavery. Or total Independence. Anyone see a third option for the near future ?

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