Solar eclipse - anyone have info on official plans to handle the crowds?

Does anyone know what kind of plans are being considered by local
officials to control traffic in Pittsburg, NH during the total solar eclipse
in April?
The further north you go the longer totality will be visible (or invisible).
I’m aiming to go up to Pittsburg… but that whole area is under federal
control… the border with Canada (I can’t imagine they would allow
that many vehicles right at the border crossing), only one state road
(3 or 3A, I can’t remember which), and White Mountains National
Forest (mostly logging roads, dirt roads). I’m glad I’m not going to
need a hotel, I imagine that all the closest hotel rooms are probably
already booked.
If I could, I’d cross the border into Canada for the longest totality
period, but I don’t have a Real ID or passport.
The town of Pittsburg covers the whole northern area, but the town
center is far south of where I really want to be.
My car will not handle the dirt logging roads, not enough clearance.

Any suggestions?