So far I have managed to make it to Vermont, only a few miles to go

Hi my Name is Rodney, I have longed to break free of this oppressive system I’ve grown up in, I am now 61.

I have a mechanical background which spans more than 25 years and I just closed the doors (2-1-2018) on my Upstate NY computer repair business which I owned and operated for 15 years.

I moved to Vermont in February (2018) with the goal of getting to New Hampshire to be part of the Free State Project. I’m still here in VT, I have been sustaining myself through work/trade programs, currently in Royalton. I am very interested doing the same in NH. I need a place to stay for me and my traveling buddy of the past 10 years, Felix my cat. I prefer to work on an organic homestead, with like-minded people. I have also considered reestablishing my computer repair business and would like to barter for possible living and business space till I can get a steady flow of income.

I have tried to live without money for the past 2 years but to say it’s been very difficult is an understatement.

I am here to see what’s out there and what interest I can generate…

I learned about this site a few years ago when I first found the FSP.

My skills and experiences.

Problem solving

Growing food
Animal husbandry

I live by 2 main principles, I treat everyone the way I want to be treated and the non-aggression principle.

I have little use for the political system and subscribe to more or less an Anarchist/agorism life style.

Thanks for your time,



Welcome to the community of like-minded people, Rodney. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you Codrus, look forward to meaningful conversations and have hope of finding what I am looking for, only time will tell.


have you come over and met any of us in person yet?

No, not yet, would like to figure out how that would work… I would prefer FTF over anonymous conversation on the control web. Thanks for the reply.


there are porcupine meeting around the state each weekend
the Keene folks meet each Sunday night?

Thank you…


Best of luck to you.


Thanks Samm…